**This booking form is ONLY for patients that are officially registered to to us as their family doctor**


Welcome to Progress Centre Medical Clinic online appointment booking request page (SSL secure) All information entered into the appointment form is sent to us directly for booking purposes only and is encrypted to ensure your information stays secure. (We are only accepting appointments for patients officially accepted and rostered to our family doctors) – Please use the walk-in service (no appointment necessary) for all patients that need acute care for an urgent issue that cannot be seen in a timely manner by their own family doctor.  We strongly encourage all chronic issues to be followed by your own family doctor.

Once the clinic receives the request, staff will respond to confirm the date and time of the appointment.

All patients must remember to bring their health card to each appointment. If the patient needs to cancel an appointment it is recommended to contact the clinic 24 hours in advance otherwise the patient may be subject to a cancellation fee. Before arriving to the clinic, it is recommended to shower and wear loose fitted clothing so that the clinicians can conduct a full and thorough physical exam. Additionally, it is in the best interest of the patient to bring all active prescription medicines labeled with the correct name in a ziplock bag to show the physician at each consultation.

Please always make an appointment with your family doctor at our clinic after you undergo a hospital investigation in order to discuss results. We will do our best to contact you if your investigation results are abnormal.  However, note that no follow up system is 100% accurate or failsafe. Therefore, we suggest that you follow up your family doctor at our clinic by making an appointment after every hospital investigation OR to review any medical results.  This policy may seem backwards at first, but by placing the burden of follow-up on the patient; it is the best way to ensure nothing gets missed.  Your contact information may change, but the clinic phone number and email will always remain unchanged and accessible.

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